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But thankfully Chapter 8 is very short! There are just a ton of character quests thrown at you...
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End of Chapter 7 finally, and lots of character quests
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When the story starts moving, it really moves. Chapter 7 is an incredibly long clusterfuck @@
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 In which I do several character quests, and finally start going somewhere with the story \o/
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I am making like, no progress on this thanks to work :| Stupid training and Twilight...

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liveblog #2

Nov. 7th, 2012 08:39 pm
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Heeeere we go again!

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SO /b-brushes the dust off this

I got ambitious and determined to do a live blog of Tales of Xillia 2 even though my Japanese skills are very sad! This is it.

Naturally, spoilers for the game will be in these posts, and for the first Xillia as well. These will be unmarked in my comments, so if you're steering clear of them until the localization comes next year, stay out of these posts YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

Those of you who don't care, come on in-- I will be posting a somewhat short summary of the first game, partly because no one has played it and knows what's happened or the characters involved, and because Xillia 2 gives players digest movies of the first's plot to review, so it's part of the game too.


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