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Ari ([personal profile] everdistant) wrote2012-11-11 04:35 pm

Part 3 of Xillia 2

I am making like, no progress on this thanks to work :| Stupid training and Twilight...

We are still in Helioborg, which is under attack by Arc Noah, Ludger got the pistols from Ivar and I shot things up for a bit to get a feel for them. Conclusion: like the swords more. Iria did guns better. Anyways.

Continue battling on while a thunderstorm brews, until another cutscene where Elle points out a security machine bearing down on us, but it gets blasted away by a dark Spirit Arte. Which means Elize! Who looks adorable in her school uniform btw. Jude, Alvin and Elize catch up-- the latter is here on a school program so Rieze Maxia kids can learn about Elenpios tech-- then we are introduced, and Ludger gets a choice: "What a cutie" or " Was that Spirit Artes just now?"

I go with the first since there is apparently an affection system a la Symphonia, so I'm going to suck up to everyone unless it involves Nii-san. Elize is naturally pleased and embarrassed at the same time, and Elle just glares. She's realized she is no longer the cutest one here, and acts bratty and says Elize's doll Tipo is freaky when Elize tries to be nice to her.

Alvin interrupts to ask if she's seen Balan, and she tells us that when Arc Noah attacked, he hid the kids and ran off on his own to draw them away. Since Elize can fight, she came out to try and help him. While the three try to figure out where Balan would have ran to, a crack of thunder sounds and Elle yelps and curls up on herself. Everyone stares before Elize gently asks if she's afraid of the thunder, and Elle predictably says she's not, like a brat. Another crack comes though, and this time she screams out and a light comes from her, whiting out the screen like on the train before.

When the scene comes back but with more saturation, and all the buildings have a weird filter over them, Alvin wonders what that was just now. Like the crazy train, everything seems to be the same, but...

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