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liveblog #2

Heeeere we go again!

So, I kind of played late last night and didn't feel like doing this at the time, so it's good that Chapter 2 and 3 are really short, I can remember what happened...

So last time we were on the crazy train with Ludger, a young man living in Elenpios with his older brother Julius who has some secret with watches; Jude, a party member from the previous game and researcher of Origin; and Elle, a little girl who is going to the land of Canaan, and has the same watch as Julius, what transforms Ludger into some half-armored form and gives him a spear. Ludger killed the black Julius with red eyes who was bonkers and then the world broke apart and faded to black.

We wake up in a bar in a town called Dowall or something, in one of the booths, and it's pretty dead-- just a bartender, and flamboyant long haired dude in red watching the news blare from his seat. Elle is waking up on another seat. We get control back and can run around, but if you get near the door, the flaming guy calls out to you by name.

So we have to go talk to him. We do, and he introduces himself as Redou and tells us he saved our lives. So now we owe him, big.

Like 200, 000, 000 Gald big.

...Excuse me, sir, but  I'm not on a second playthrough with Gald carryover, I don't have that kind of cash. Ludger and Elle both flip because we really don't have that kind of cash and Redou gets all up close and creepy at Elle, saying there's a way to make a bit of cash off a little kid. Eww man. Ludger gets the slimeball to back off, and he says he knows we don't have it, and calls in-- Nova. You know, the chick that crazy Julius killed on the train instantly but is looking right as rain now.


Ludger is understandably shocked, but Nova can't see why and gets to her job as.... someone from Clanspia Corp. who hands out loans??? We're to sign for a loan of $200, 000, 000 in order to pay Redou. That gets him out of our face, yes, but then we'll be OFFICIALLY IN DEBT. Ludger does it though, since this guy puts even Jude at edge, and Redou cheerfully leaves and before she does too, Nova tells us she will periodically call to get us to pay back the loan in parts. She does so not long after I exit and start to explore the small town.

It's like Navi. Dear god.

Thankfully Jude is smart and tells us to earn money by way of quests! So I spend a good few hours doing those and level-grinding, we pay off the part of the debt we have to and now we can take the hopefully not crazy train back to Triglav because you have to pay up in order to advance through the story and areas. Thankfully, it's stupid easy to come up with money through quests and just battling.

Chapter 2 end!